SEO & SMO Service

SEO & SMO Service

Get more traffic and increase your sales with the professional SEO team.

SEO is also referred to as search engine optimization, which is responsible for the online marketing and promotion of your company or business.

SEO Services include-

On-page refers to the technical part of the website where you add title, tags, and meta tags for your business. It consists of adding content to your website and lets you manage the analytics of your website. Analytics depicts traffic, links, and other aspects of your website. You can also learn about your errors through the console of your website.

Off-page refers to the link building where you promote your business on different platforms by promoting your keywords and target the relevant audience. It includes the marketing of your business by submitting posts relevant to your business.

Link building refers to submitting links of your website and landing pages through posts on different promotional sites so that we can drive traffic to your website.

SMO is the Social Media Optimization that helps you promote your business on social media such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, youtube, and more. No doubt there are many people always active on these social media by branding your business here, you can target specific customers who require services that you are offering. It helps you reach a wider platform.

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SEO is a critical component of Online Marketing Service and we use the latest onsite and offsite techniques to produce top results. Google processes billions of searches every day, and a vast number of searchers never look beyond the first page. So, do you know where your company ranks?

If it's not in the top ranking that is most likely to be invisible for the people. Together we can push your websites on top, and you will appear on top searches every time one looks for the services you are offering.

How does it work?

  • Keyword research
  • Regular blog posts
  • Competitive analysis
  • Signage
  • Link building
how does it work

How our SEO campaigns begin

PPC Service Chandigarh/ Mohali

PPC stands for pay per click, it is a method of getting your business rank on top search pages by paying a good amount to google. It is an inorganic way of getting leads to your business by auctioning on the keywords you want to choose for your business. Although, you will remain on top until all your clicks are complete, and once your clicks are completed, you will no longer be on the top. This is for the people who want one-time success for their business.